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Lilac-character-sheet by tragicPOPCORNmoment Lilac-character-sheet by tragicPOPCORNmoment
Not yet completed, but I wanted to post this up so people have an idea of what rebooted Lilac looks like. She doesn't ever take on her omega or gamma form anyhow.


Name: Lilac Little

Mate: Hiro Little

Race: Taur

Species: Blond Wooly Pig (Mangalitsa)

Gender: Female

Age: 43

   - Alpha: 5'2"
    - Beta: 5'5"
    - Gamma: 3'2"
    - Omega: 4'11"

Jewelry: Lilac has pierced her ears every time she has given birth. She has seven piercings in her left ear to represent her sons, and three on her right to represent her daughters. She has many different earrings, some of which were gifts from her children, so she switches them regularly.

Around her neck she wears a silver locket that contains something absolutely priceless, seeds from the legendary Viridis Lily. Her mate, Hiro, had brought her the flower early in their marriage to demonstrate his love for her, and she had preserved the seeds from it.

Every year she plants one so that it will bloom just before their anniversary, and on their anniversary Hiro plucks the flower and places it in her hair. She does not sell the seeds, but keeps them with the intention of giving them to her children when they find their own love.

Around Lilac's wrist she wears a bracelet Hiro had given to her as an engagement gift. It is made from twisted bands of gold and holds five precious stones of different colors.

Faction: None

Elemental Affinity: Earth/Water

Personality: Lilac was motherly and kind before she gave birth to ten children. After them, she has learned the ultimate power of patience and remaining calm in high stress situations, and when that fails, she has learned to go with the chaos and simply enjoy it.

Because of this, nothing really phases her anymore and she can handle most anything. She is very tolerant, but if she sees something that is unacceptable she will not hesitate to call it out, scold, and discipline if she must.

She is hardworking, caring, generous, and finds joy in making sure the people she loves are happy and well fed. She has a tendency to overwork and often places her own health and happiness as least important. She also quite enjoys scandelous gossip, and can be a busybody in her children's lives.

Trade: Lilac is a housewife and mother first and foremost, but when she has the time and there is great need for it, she makes potions. They vary from healing potions to beauty products, but she never makes love potions or any sort that can alter the mind or free will. She is not a master, but she is adept with them, and has proven a great asset to the territory. She is also something of a botanist, and grows orchids and other strange flowers.

Family History: Swinetaurs are known for having very large families that function like clans. The Little clan is considered a particularly wealthy family because of their ancestral home, a sturdy stone building that stands on the west side of Coradine Lake near a major trading route, supposedly built by Lilac's great great great grandfather Bertrand Little. There is even a legend about it that included his two brothers and a wolf, but the truth is that the building had once been a steeple built by humans and abandoned long ago in the first conflicts between human and taur-kin.

The structure was very old even when Bertrand found it. The doors had rotted away, there was no floor to speak of, all the glass windows were destroyed, and a very sizable tree was growing in the middle of the building, its canopy reaching through where once there had been a roof. The tree had grown crooked and its trunk had knocked out the entire south wall, but Bertrand found potential in it and rounded up his brothers to help rebuild the place.

The tree could not be removed since it's roots had snaked its way into the cellar and the foundations, which in a happy coincidence strengthened the structure rather than cave it in. So they gathered the stones of the fallen wall and set it aside. None of them knew stone masonry, but they had their own way of building. They used cob to add an extension to the south side, and ingeniously trained the tree's branches to form a natural thatched roof. They carved steps into the trunk of the tree to form a stair case, and added a second floor to the steeple.

From then on, Bertrand's family lived in the house, passed down to the first son generation to generation until it reached Oscar Little. Oscar Little was a forthright boar, serious, stern, but honorable. This was perhaps why his little brother Fillip married before he did.

Fillip was personable and charismatic unlike his brother, and very much a romantic. He fell in love with Lilac's mother, Clover Bansworth, after seeing her selling potions in the local market. He courted her immediately despite the protest of his family. Clover's clan was small and poverty stricken from north of the lake, a virtual stranger to the Little family, but Fillip did not care. After a short two months, Fillip married Clover and had her move into the Little house where he lived along with Oscar, their elderly father Devon, and their youngest sister Dolly, unwed at the time. The other sisters, Arina, Colleen, and Samantha were wedded and living in their husband's homes.

There was grumbling that it all had been too hasty, but Oscar put a quick end to that. Filip and Clover seemed genuinely in love and Oscar was glad to see his brother so happy. All seemed well for a while until their father fell ill one winter.

Devon had contracted a terrible cough that persisted into spring and summer. Clover made potions to help him but his advanced age left little else to do but make him comfortable. He died in late summer. The family grieved even though it had been expected but Dolly had always been mistrustful of Clover. She secretly resented another woman's presence in the house after finally getting it to herself when her sisters moved out. During the funeral, in a fit of grief and anger Dolly accused Clover of poisoning her father in front of the whole family.

Emotions already high, everyone was stunned, but Oscar was outraged by Dolly's actions. He pulled her away from the funeral to prevent a bigger scene and talked to her in private. Dolly would not listen to reason and continued to insist that it was all Clover's fault. Fillip burst into the discussion, and a monumental row happened between the siblings. The only solution Oscar could find was to have Dolly move out to live with one of their relatives until she got over her insanity and made a formal apology to Clover.

Dolly left within a week without a shred of remorse. Clover was devastated, confused and hurt that Dolly would think such things of her. She had loved Devon like a father. The brothers spent a long time reassuring her Dolly hadn't meant it, but months passed, and then a year, and still Dolly did not apologize. She did not even write letters to her brothers, but continued to spread bitter lies to the family about poor Clover. Many knew it was all nonsense, but some listened.

Oscar did his best to curb his sister's tongue, but as tension rose within the family, it also rose within the Little House. A year passed and Clover showed no sign of bearing a child. This was unusual for a sow-taur of her age, youthful and in her prime she should have already been carrying a few months after the wedding. Another year passed, childless.

Clover feared she was barren. She felt wretched and unworthy, but Fillip's jovial nature and undying love kept her from returning to her clan across the lake in shame. Fillip filled the house with laughter and happiness despite the terrible circumstances. He gave Clover joy and asked for nothing but her smile in return. He was a crutch and confidant to Oscar when responsibilities weighed down on his beloved older brother. Fillip was the glue that kept the small family together in the large house, until his tragic death.

Spring had come early and swift that year, swelling the Auvona River unexpectedly. Fillip and Clover had been visiting her family that winter, and were crossing the bridge to return to the Little house when it collapsed. Clover survived, Fillip drowned.

The funeral was long and drawn out, Fillip had been well loved. Even Dolly attended and thankfully made no scene as they laid Fillip to rest beside his father and mother, but behind closed doors Dolly whispered vile lies that Clover must have put a curse on Fillip. The rumor again was considered pure nonsense and in extremely bad taste, but it circulated nevertheless as most rumors do.

Thankfully it never reached Oscar's ears. He buried his grief by busying himself with the funeral arrangements and taking care of an inconsolable Clover. He would have Dolly disowned had he known. Clover had become withdrawn and listless, who knows what she would have done if she heard such a thing whispered about her. After the funeral Oscar invited Clover to stay at the Little house if she wished, but he would understand if she wanted to return to her own clan.

That was when Clover informed him she was pregnant. The healer who had revived her after the accident informed her, but it had taken some time for the shock to wear off for her to absorb the information. Finally after three years of trying she was with child, and now her husband was dead. Numbed, she did not know what to do.

Traditionally children were born in the house of their father, Oscar clung to that tradition in memory of his brother and had Clover stay. Not one to stay idle, Clover worked through her depression by keeping the house as Oscar tended to his own duties, hunting and trading and checking in on his family. Oscar was not an affectionate or talkative sort, but he tried his best to take care of Clover and see to her comforts.

As she grew heavier Oscar made an effort to stay at the house more often to watch over
her, and inevitably they began to learn about each other and become closer. Oscar had even cleared out a large room and converted it into a potion's lab for Clover as a gift.
Lilac was born in early winter. The plan was that Clover would move back to her clan once Lilac was old enough to travel, till then they stayed in the Little House. Oscar and Clover bonded even more as they took care of Lilac, both learning the joys and trials of a newborn child. She was a rather calm as babies went, and Oscar was utterly charmed by her. As Lilac grew bigger and the snow began to melt, Oscar couldn't bare the thought of them leaving, and so asked Clover to marry him. She said yes.

They're wedding was small and private, trying to avoid fueling the ugly rumors about them. Those who didn't bother to do the math believed that Oscar was Lilac's father, and thought it disgraceful that Oscar would carry on with his brother's widow. Others were convinced that Clover had attached herself to Oscar like a leech so she wouldn't have to give up the comfort and wealth she had first married into.

Despite it all, they were content with each other and Lilac grew up happily until her 5th year when Oscar left to go on a hunting trip in the Skeo mountains and never returned. His body was never found so there was no funeral, but Clover had little hope of him returning.

Dolly's constant lies had finally taken hold, and most of the family believed her. At best, they considered Clover to be cursed, at worse they claimed she was a witch who stole the Little House for herself. Thankfully the few with any sense were the heads of the family, and defended Clover's right to stay in the Little House so no one could take it away from her. Dolly, of course, was not happy about this.

Clover stayed in the house and raised Lilac there, alone.

Lilac's History: Lilac's formative years were rather lonely. Lilac knew she had a father but he was gone before she could remember him. She knew she had other family but they never visited. She knew people tended to be jealous of her house and the nice things she had, but she didn't know why her cousins wouldn't play with her, and said mean things about her.

All she really had was her mother. Lilac knew her mother was just as lonely, Lilac's aunts never invited mother to anything. She didn't understand why, since mother was kind and strong and smart and very beautiful, if a little sad at times. Lilac learned everything from her mother, how to make potions, how to garden, how to cook, how to keep a house, how to work hard. But more importantly how to be kind, how to be gentle, how to see the best in people, and take care of others even if they didn't appreciate it.

She clung to these lessons when her mother's health slowly began to deteriorate around Lilac's 15th birthday. Clover had contracted a disease of the mind of which there was no cure for. The beautiful woman Lilac knew and loved was reduced bit by bit until she was nothing but a babe in a full grown body. Clover died in Lilac's 18th year and she was left alone in the house.

She kept herself busy with her potions and gardens, taking on her mother's clients and making new products to sell at market. She really didn't need the money, wealthy enough from her inheritance to last her several times over, but it was a good way to meet people and get out of the house. She was lonely.

That was when Aunt Dolly began to visit her. It started with coming for tea to check in on Lilac every now and then with Lilac scrambling to please her. She wanted approval from her family which had so far ignored her and Dolly took full advantage of that. Over the years Lilac's aunt had managed to borrow large sums of money to 'contribute' to the family, business ventures, medical expenses, extravagant parties, gifts for the young and elderly, and so forth. Lilac barely if ever got the credit for funding any of it, and again was hardly repaid in turn, but at least she felt a part of something.

This sort of abuse lasted until she was 23 when she met Hiro. Being a hummingbird he was attracted to her flower gardens, and they became quick friends as he began to help her around the house in exchange for flower nectar. Distressed by an upcoming party, Lilac had asked Hiro to pretend to be courting her so to avoid Aunt Dolly's matchmaking attempts to fix her up with a disgusting boar-taur. From there, a real relationship bloomed, despite Hiro being several years her junior. With Hiro's love bolstering her confidence and his support, Lilac managed to get out from under Aunt Dolly's thumb.

They've had their ups and downs and share of spats, but their marriage has been a happy one and produced ten beautiful children. Heston was born first and took after his mother. Aurora took after her father. Then Evarin, who could be Heston's twin they look so alike. Alabaster was born an albino hummingbird, the gene coming from Lilac's side. Then there was Brie and then Nyhm, both piggish boys. Gale came next, his feathers an exact match to his father. Then there were the twins, Tessla the only female pig taur in the lot, and Amarath, a male. And the very youngest Jasmine, still covered in fluffy downy feathers.

With so many children, Hiro had added a third floor to their large house, as well as two woven nests up in the trees where the feathered children learned to fly.

During the three month war, Lilac made potions for wounds and infections and gave it to both taur and humans alike without prejudice. She protested the conflict, and was a strong supporter of peace between them all. Her generosity and compassion was one of the many reasons she was appointed as Alpha of Esurien.

-To laugh
-To Dance
-Throw parties every chance she gets
-Feed everyone that she meets
-Entertain guests
-Give gifts
-Catch up on gossip

-An empty house
-Having nothing to do

Other facts: Lilac has gone through a big revision, most obviously her hair, which I usually depicted as white. In actuality, she was always blond in my head, but I didn't really know how to color pale blond hair before so I cheated and used white. 

My dad bought me a big book of historical costume, but unfortunately its french so I cant tell you the exact styles of what Lilac's clothes are based on, but expect more outfits like this from Lilac. 

Wooly pigs look like really fat sheep, which is damn ADORABLE. 
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